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Vendetta Available on: C64

When a group of terrorists kidnap a professor and his daughter and threaten to go nuclear unless their demands are met, it comes down to you to save the day!

You’ll need to collect weapons and evidence in order to continue with your mission before you face the final confrontation in Central Park!

This had become personal…This is now a VENDETTA…It’s payback time…

Zzap Sizzler – 93% “If you thought the ‘Last Ninja’ games were great, Vendetta will blow your mind!

C&VG ‘Hit!’ – 93% “All this gameplay in one package makes Vendetta the best Commodore buy I’ve seen in ages”

Games Machine – 93%


  • Critically acclaimed action adventure!
  • Isometric viewpoint!
  • Start with nothing and build up your arsenal!

Release date:
8 January 1989
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on

  • Krs wrote on 15 May 2015 at 01:08

    I would love to see a remake, a HD version of The Last Ninja & 2 along with Vendetta and Internation Karate + on the PS4/PS ViTA.

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Available on
C64 / Spectrum
Available on
Available on
C64 / Amiga / Amstrad CPC