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Juice! Available on: C64

Complete the circuits and keep Edison ahead of his enemies!

Take control of  Edison, the Kinetic Android, compete against an array of obstructionist enemies to complete a working closed circuit board.

Watch out for  ‘Nohms’, electrical charges that quickly appear and begin bouncing around the grid. A single contact with one can cause Edison to melt into oblivion.

As they disappear, they leave behind a single ‘Capacitor’ which quickly evolves into a nasty ‘Killerwatt’, which targets Edison as it begins zipping around the grid in its pursuit.

Edison is on the look-out for the benevolent ‘Recharge’, to continue his energizing power. Complications occur when ‘Flash, the Lightning Dolt’ begins disassembling all the good work Edison has accomplished.

Keep the Juice! flowing…it’s a race against time!

More information on this game will be available here soon.

Juice! [C64]

Release date:
18 February 1994
Age Rating:
USK All Ages