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Bangkok Knights Available on: C64

Bangkok Knights celebrates the art of Muay Thai boxing and was one of the first fighting games to offer large, detailed characters on the screen.

Starting out from your own village, you’ll have to fight your way to victory, taking on all comers, until you reach the city of Bangkok.

Only here will you earn the right to enter the Lumpini stadium and fight against the mighty Bangkok Knights!

(this game is also available on the Amiga and Atari ST)


ZZAP! – 90% “The sprites are amazing, they’re incredibly big, very well animated… Bangkok Knights is superb and shouldn’t be missed”

  • The very first Muay Thai fighting sim!
  • Huge character sprites!
  • Large variety of fighting arenas!
  • Take on the mighty Bangkok Knights!

Release date:
3 January 1988
Beat Em Up
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on

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    Available on
    C64 / Spectrum
    Available on
    C64 / Atari ST / Amiga / Amstrad CPC
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