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International Karate Available on: C64 / Atari ST / Amstrad CPC / Spectrum

The critically acclaimed and globally adored C64 fighting game first appeared, to universal praise, in 1986.

Lauded for its innovative gameplay as well as impressive graphics and a memorable soundtrack, International Karate (or IK for short) set the standard for all fighting games.

The idea is simple: you have 30 seconds to defeat your martial arts expert opponent by pull off points-scoring moves from the Karate handbook. Whoever scores 2 points first wins and if the counter times out before the points are scored, the person with the highest score wins!
Two wins will then earn you a new belt and move you onto the next stage in order to face off against an even more skilled opponent!

There also a two-player mode where you and a friend battle it out in 90-second bouts of vengeance!


“I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in ages… no self respecting fan of the genre should overlook it”

“One-on-one karate-chopping action never seemed so fantastical!”

  • One-on-one karate action!
  • Critically acclaimed and globally adored!
  • Set the example for years to come!
  • Mini-games provide varied gameplay!

Release date:
6 January 1986
Beat Em Up
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on
Atari ST
Amstrad CPC

  • Tony wrote on 17 November 2013 at 09:42

    Ah the game that made me want a Commodore 64 instead of my humble speccy

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