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Super Putty Available on: SNES / Amiga

Hailed as one of the most original games of its time, Super Putty sees you controlling a piece of blue putty… that’s alive! He can bounce and stretch his way around the world to his heart’s content.

But don’t let his cute little puppy-dog eyes fool you – he’s a lean, blue fighting machine who can use his unique properties to absorb his enemies’ powers for the greater good.

And it’s a good job too because it just so happens that all the solar-powered robots of the world have decided to kill themselves, lemmings-style, when the sun goes down. It’s your job to use your skills in whatever way necessary to save the robots and get them safely through the night!

Featuring gorgeous graphics, a fantastic soundtrack and unforgettable sampled speech, Super Putty is a feast for the senses! And it seems the press and public alike agreed — just check out the scores below:

“One of the best games ever – an instant classic”
















(This game is also available on Amiga)


Release date:
April 1992
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on

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    Available on
    SNES / Amiga
    Available on
    SNES / Amiga
    Available on