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Desert Fighter Available on: SNES

A vast war zone separates you from your ultimate goal of total victory!

You must destroy the enemy’s forces and military facilities including SCUD missile sites, fuel pipelines, airfields and ultimately, their command headquarters!

Experience thrilling and deadly aerial dogfights. Dice with death as Rapier missiles streak through the sky and home in on your plane. Blast away the elite ground forces before they bombard you with precision anti-aircraft fire!


  • Choose from two of the world’s most famous combat aircraft – the F15 Strike Eagle and the AH-10 Tank Buster to take out the enemy.
  • Multiple control options – choose the controls that best suite your playing style.
  • Detailed satellite intelligence maps aid you to launch strategic attacks.

Release date:
9 January 1994
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on

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    Available on
    SNES / Amiga
    Available on
    SNES / Amiga
    Available on
    Amiga / SNES