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Silent Bomber Available on: PS1

Set in a dark, futuristic environment, Silent Bomber presents a world infested by rogue androids. These mechanical protagonists are overrunning the planet in a quest to wrestle dominance from its human inhabitants.

As one of the Silent Bombers in the title, players are sent into a stunning world where the game’s dark corridors and shadowy industrial locations play host to a number of deadly inhabitants, Using stealth, players must pick their way around each location with the expressed aim of eradicating all androids within each sector.

Gameplay is based around a unique explosive system that sets Silent Bomber as a truly inventive game. Players use an intuitive targeting system to lock bombs on approaching androids. As soon as a robot walks into range players can toss a bomb directly at the oncoming foe or leave them in strategic positions and retreat before they detonate. As the game progresses the p;layer is also given the ability to target multiple opponents.

Gamespot – 82% “Silent Bomber, simply put, is one of the most visceral, fast paced, playable PlayStation games…”

IGN -80% “Rock-Solid bombing is what this game is all about. The impressive and consistent arcade action can’t be denied.”

  • Truly unique gameplay!
  • Fantastic combo system!
  • Multiple weapon types including napalm!
  • Use E-Chips to upgrade your abilities!

Release date:
1 January 2000
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
Not specified
Available on

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