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Guilty Gear Available on: PS1

Available from PlayStation Store

It was the subject of critical acclaim when it launch in Japan and the US and was hailed as the best 2-D fighting game for the Playstation!

System 3 punches its way into the battle-hardened arena of fighting games with the European release of GUILTY GEAR.

Combining huge character sprites with super-smooth animation, superb sound and innovative new features, Guilty Gear is a fighting game like none other!

IGN – 80% “Are you tough enough to handle the challenges of GUILTY GEAR?”

  • 13 playable characters – 10 standard and 3 special.
  • Breathtaking character animation that moves at a high frame-rate with no sign of slowdown.
  • High frame-rate keeps the action slick and the control of the characters smooth.
  • Fast and furious battles with long combos made easy with a highly tuned and intuitive control system – there are literally hundreds of special moves, chaos moves and effective combos.
  • Common sense battle logistics that overcome the flaws found in many other fighting games.
  • Balanced computer AI provides addictive solo gameplay.
  • 30 Adrenaline pumping sound tracks, the best in any fighting game to date.
  • Dual Shock Compatibility.

Release date:
2 March 2000
Beat Em Up
Age Rating:
Not specified
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