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Seek And Destroy Available on: PS2

Available from PlayStation Store

Seek and Destroy offers you the chance to fight tank battles in a game of warfare that spans entire continents!

10 warmongering countries split across three military factions are at war and you’re right in the middle of it. You can commandeer any vehicle you please but it won’t be much use to you until you start to upgrade its assets. Each tank is fully customisable with over 100 different parts on offer, allowing you to create a truly unique war machine with which to deal out armoured mayhem!

You can even take to the war-torn streets and deliver some full metal justice with a friend thanks to the game’s 2-player mode.


  • 10-country strong tank warfare!
  • 100 different tanks parts!
  • 2-player tanking!

Release date:
15 February 2012
Real-Time Strategy
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
Available on

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    Available on
    Available on
    Amiga / C64 / Atari ST / Amstrad CPC