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Constructor F.A.Q. classroom
now in session.

Settle down…Settle down! Or my teaching assistant ‘Fingers’ Malone
will have to get involved!

First of all, we’ve discovered that quite a few people have been having ‘problems’ when delving into the world of Constructor. So the boys back at HQ have put together a little self help document to ease you into life with Constructor. It goes into MEGA detail about all aspects of Constructor, from your work force, tenants (& how to keep them happy!), buildings and those pesky Undesirables.

Simply click HERE to download the Play Guide document for PS4 – Xbox ONE – PC. It’s a PDF file, so you will need Adobe Reader to view it…OK?

Quiet at the back please!

Right…let’s get down to answering some of your questions on
Constructor gameplay.

1) How do I capture an enemy property?

Is your Bank balance a little on the low side and you can’t afford to wait for the rent to come in? Well, there are a few ways of making some quick cash on the side.

One way to balance the books is to capture and sell an enemy property! A little on the naughty side, granted…but who’s complaining…well, apart from your enemy?!

Simply select a FOREMAN and target an enemy property. The cursor should turn GREEN, once selected your Foreman will then begin taking over the property.

TIP… The more Foreman you have selected, the faster the take-over!

Once the Foreman has completed the dirty deed of taping up the fence and has entered the property, it’s all yours.

Now you’ve captured the property, go inside and make a quick profit by selling it to the Council…Ker-Ching!

Just remember, your Enemy isn’t going to be best pleased that you’ve stolen one of their properties…so watch your back, it can happen to you just as easily.

2) How do I destroy an Enemy HQ?

Hmm…going in for the kill eh?…We will have to keep an eye on you!

Taking over an enemy HQ requires one thing…Brute Force! Only your Gangsters are tough enough shake down that place.

Send them to attack the HQ like you would any other enemy property, just make sure they are well tooled up for the job though…The HQ is a tough nut to crack.

3) I’ve got a nasty outbreak of Cockroaches…How do I get rid of them?

An embarrassing but all to common problem in Constructor Town I’m afraid!

So…the Cockroaches have moved in eh? Have you checked the state of your properties lately? Could they do with a bit of TLC perhaps? Because these little blighters love a scruffy neighbourhood. You need to make sure every house on the estate that is infested has an upgraded bathroom. I’m not talking gold taps like Trump Towers here, ┬ájust a simple upgrade at least one level above the standard grotty toilet.

But don’t just leave it there…You’ve got to get your hands dirty and splat some bugs, well, 5 to be exact. That’ll clean up the streets and get rid of those pesky critters for good.

4) My estates look like a scene from Night of the Living Dead…Help!

So, you’ve got a little problem with Zombies roaming the Earth? Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone.

That’ll be because all those tenants that lived out their boring little lives have come back to ruin your life once and for all. They are easy to deal with once you know how. Just get a gang of your Workers OR a Gangster with a trusty shotgun and whack at least 10 of the grim things…Job done.

5) Are there any controller ‘short-cuts’ for Constructor?

You’re in luck…Constructor has a whole host of short-cuts for the controller junkies among you.

See what pops up on screen when you holding LT/L2 or RT/R2. Some great options include speeding and slowing the game time with LT/L2 and the directional buttons LEFT or RIGHT. The short-cuts will allow you easier access to the World Map, HQ and even your Character Control Screens. Master them all and you’ll be flying’ in no time!

6) There are Undesirables running wild on my estates. How do I improve the Police presence?

When you need some more ‘Rozzers’ on the beat, you’re going to have to head on over to your Police Station.

Unfortunately, the cops only have enough man-power to have one cop on each estate. So to get him working at maximum efficiency you’ll need to get him pounding the pavement! Choose your estate in the radar window and then hit the patrol button (short-cut is TRIANGLE/Y). Now you’ll be getting maximum bang for your buck at the cop-shop.

TIP…Remember to keep your tenants producing ‘police cadets’ to ensure the law is enforced in your town.

7) I like to pick fights with the enemy but keep getting a good thrashing, any tips?

So…you want to whack an opponent…wipe them off the map?

Well, your low-life Gangsters are the only characters tough enough for the job. But it will take some serious game time to get them tooled up enough to do the job. But once you’re packing sufficient fire power, simply head on over to the enemy estate and whack the joint!

8) I’ve got a scruffy Hippy squatting in one of my properties. How on earth do I get rid of him?

Taken your eye off the ball and had your properties taken over by some creepy tree-huggin’types?

You’ve got a couple of options here. It may seem a bit OTT, but just send a Foreman around to the property and blow it sky high. An expensive way to evict a Hippy but it’s your own fault for not keeping an eye on your empire.

A less explosive method of eviction is to build your own Commune and acquire your very own Hippy. Then just send him over to the garden of the squatted property using the ‘Distract a Hippy’ action. The squatter will leave the property to chat with his ‘buddy’. Just have your Workers or a Gangster standing by to knock 7 bells out of him. Jobs a good ‘un!

9) I’ve got a problem with Dogs and ungrateful tenants! What can I do to fix the problem?

It may come as a surprise, but some of your tenants aren’t fans of having a scruffy mutt in their garden.

If the tenets start to complain about the Dog Kennel you’ve just installed for them,firstly you’ll have to send your Foreman around to get rid of it. Then, you might find that the house still needs protection from Enemy attack. So simply station a Gangster in the garden. He will keep the place safe & sound and an added bonus is anyone or anything he takes out will go towards your weapon upgrades too…Cushty! .

10) My Undesirables keep getting savaged by Guard Dogs. How can I defeat them?

A mutt that’s stopping you from doing your dirty deeds isn’t a ‘pet’ you want to get involved with.

If you are a cat lover, you’ll have no qualms in sending round your Gangster to do the dirty deed and whack the dog OR if you have a CLOWN at your disposal, send him round there to distract the dog with a bone. You can then get up to no good without fear of a bitten back side!.

11) My HQ is packed to the rafters with Workers I have no use for. Any suggestions?

If you’re sure you don’t need these Workers for construction duties and punch-ups with the enemy, it’s time for a change!

Check your HQ screen for numerous options to ‘convert’ your surplus Workers into a whole host of other ‘useful’ characters. Tenants, Repairmen, Foremen and even Gangsters can be created this way. So savour a ‘Frankenstein’ moment and create new life in your HQ today!

12) My tenants are always complaining about something…what gives?

As a property developer you really should know that huge fancy houses, big gardens and dodgy looking fish ponds always keep people happy.

Strangely, some tenants are even happier with a nice looking fence around their property. But it really does help if they have a nice comfortable bedroom and bathroom that doesn’t small, like a…toilet. Give your tenants luxury items and they are sure to put a smile on their ugly mugs!

13) I’ve got a tenant who doesn’t like a tree I’ve given them…What do I do?

Unbelievable isn’t it? You go out of your way to make people happy and it makes them unhappy. Get used to it…this is Constructor, a town full of crazies!.

Your Foreman can easily deal with this horticultural calamity. Simply send him to the garden where the offending tree is, click on the Demolition icon, bottom right, hover the mouse pointer by the tree you want to destroy and click (you will see the cursor change to display a tree). Don’t blow the house up by mistake as that might upset your tenant slightly more! Small explosion…tree gone…job done!

We will be back soon with more answers to your questions…so keep sendin’ them in!

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