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Castle Of Shikigami 2: War Of The Worlds Available on: PS2

Available from PlayStation Store

Set in a world where the Gods are in a constant battle with humans,  a set of elite fighters band together for one last attempt to save the world. Their mission; break through the defenses of the Castle Of Shikighami and regain control of the Ancient Weapons.

The game’s unique scoring system actually rewards you for the level of risk you’re willing to take in combat; the closer you get to the enemy without getting hit, the more points you make…
Select from 7 different, psychically powered fighters, each with unique primary and secondary attack modes. Every character also has unique super weapons.

Do battle with huge bosses across 5 vast stages, each with their own sub-stages designed to challenge you to the limit. Different game modes give you Normal and Extreme playing conditions, with Extreme Mode serving up full-on screen-filling action, masses of incoming projectiles, intricate enemy attack patterns and secondary enemy ordinance to avoid.
And if the action gets too much for you then ask a friend to join in the Two-Player simultaneous on-screen action with each player in control of their own character!

This is intense!


  • A truly extreme scrolling shooter
  • 7 fighters to choose from
  • Unique risk=reward points system

Release date:
8 January 2005
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
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