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Arcade Classics: Volume 1 Available on: PS2

Available from PlayStation Store

Play through not 1, not 2 but 6 classic arcade smash hit games with this amazing retro collection.

Avoid being hit by the flying asteroids. Each time an asteroid is hit, it will break down into several smaller faster moving fragments. Destroy all fragments to progress to the next level. You have a SHIELD button which encases you in a protective bubble which will bounce off any rocks. However, this only lasts for a short period of time and takes a while to recharge so use it carefully. Every so often a passing spaceship will appear and take potshots at you – killing it rapidly and from a distance is the best way to survive.

Protect your cities from destruction from incoming missiles. Missiles can be destroyed either directly or by chain reactions of explosions. You have three missile silos so choose carefully to avoid running out of ammo or the missile taking too long to reach its target. After each wave of incoming missiles you will be rewarded for unused missiles and unharmed cities. Every few screens you will be rewarded with bonus cities to replace any that have been lost.

Protect the humans from the marauding aliens. If they manage to pick up your humans and carry them to the top of the screen they will transform into fast moving mutants. Losing all 10 of your humans will cause you to enter hyperspace where the action becomes frantic.  Removing all aliens from a landscape will reward you with a bonus for each human remaining. The humans will be replenished every few screens. Watch out for the pods which when hit, explode into multiple swarmers and avoid taking too long because baiters will appear to hurry you along.

Protect various well known landscapes around the world from alien invasion. Control your ship left and right along the bottom and shoot the relentlessly approaching invaders. Clearing a wave will advance you to the next level with ever closer opponents. Occasionally, a passing mother-ship can be hit for added bonus.

Avoid swooping dive-bombing aliens whilst saving the universe. Hit aliens in flight for higher scores.

Destroy the multi-segmented creatures using your bug which is restricted to the bottom portion of the screen. However, you can move up and down to get a little closer to the action and jump over the top of creatures as they move closer. The bugs change direction and move ever downwards whenever they hit mushrooms. Once they reach the bottom they will then start upwards again. Use the DDT canisters wisely to destroy many segments simultaneously. As you progress through the levels, a number of different bugs and attack patterns will be revealed.

  • 6 classic retro games to play
  • Something for everyone

Release date:
4 January 2006
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
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