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Pinball Hall Of Fame: Gottlieb Collection Available on: PS2

Available from PlayStation Store

A totally authentic Pinball Experience capturing all the sights and sounds of a real arcade. Play Eleven of the greatest Gottlieb Pinball Tables ever created, all featuring real pinball table mechanics, graphics and sound.

With 6 different camera angles to play in, Multi-Player tournaments with up to 4 players competing against each other, plus hidden extras such as ‘unlockable’ features and tables make Gottlieb Pinball Classics the most-accurate pinball simulation ever.


  • Based on the famous Gottlieb license
  • 11 fantastic Gottlieb tables to choose from
  • 6 different camera angles to play from
  • 4-player tournaments

Release date:
3 January 2005
Age Rating:
Available on

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    Available on
    Available on
    PS2 / GBA / DS / PS1