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Titles released between 2010 – 2013

  • Ferrari The Race Experience


    Ferrari The Race Experience is the sequel to acclaimed racer Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli.  This game enjoyed considerable success on PSN, reaching No.2 in Japan.

    Impossible Mission

    PSP Mini for PS3 & PSP on PSN

    Epyx’s classic from 1984 finally found its way to PSN improved in every way featuring three full versions of the game, new graphics, sounds and a tutorial mode. The 1984 original still stands the test of time, but these new updates made sure Impossible Mission was re-born for a new audience.

  • Williams Pinball Classics

    PS3, Wii, PSP, Xbox 360 System 3 took pinball gameplay to another level with this title, scoring 9s and 8s from the specialist media and heralded as the best pinball game yet released on consoles. It featured 13 of the most popular Williams pinball tables, an intelligent camera system – putting players exactly where they needed to be – and some of the best pinball physics outside of the real thing. The title was released in glorious 1080p HD and with online leaderboards.

    Ferrari The Race Experience

    PS3, Wii & PSN

    Ferrari: The Race Experience is the sequel to acclaimed racer Ferrari Challenge. After enjoying considerable success on PSN, reaching No.2 in Japan, this game was then released at retail on PS3 and Wii.

  • Ferrari Challenge / Supercar Challenge


    Combining two games in one pack, the Challenge Racing Collection delivers!  Dream cars including Ferrari, Pagani, & Aston Martin.  Racing for everyone: Assisted, Arcade and full-on Simulation modes.  Play against up to 15 other race drivers, both online and offline.


    Cel Damage Overdrive


    Now on PSN, Cel Damage Overdrive was a fierce car combat game set in a gorgeous cartoon universe. GameSpot said gamers can “easily think they’re playing a real-time cartoon” while IGN wrote that the cel-shading “was one of the best examples of the effect on the market”. The title was part of System 3’s PlayIt range, and featured a huge number of gameplay modes and 12 stunning environments.

    Gungrave Overdose


    Now available on PSN, Gungrave Overdose is the cult classic shooter and sequel to Gungrave. It is defined as one of the must-haves games for PS2 and received a spate of great reviews. It’s built by lead manga animators and its success even spawned a whole TV series. Overdose is a must-have for any arcade fan.

    MX World Tour


    Now available on PSN, MX World Tour is a motocross game with 32 different competitions, 12 riders, customisable bikes (with hundreds of different combinations) and famous commentator and racer Jamie Little. The racing game also had a fantastic split-screen multiplayer mode. It is one of Europe’s top selling PS2 value games, selling in excess 1.5m copies.

    Road Trip Adventure


    Now available on PSN, Road Trip Adventure is widely considered the greatest in the Choro Q series. Official PlayStation Magazine called it: ‘Charming, deep, and astonishingly addictive’. The vast racing adventure is revolutionary for its large seamless world that’s inhabited by cars. Gamers can trade with cars, beat them in races and take part in challenges, with over 250 customisable parts.

    Seek And Destroy


    Now available on PSN, Seek and Destroy offers you the chance to fight tank battles in a game of warfare that spans entire continents!  Ten warmongering countries split across three military factions are at war and you’re right in the middle of it.

    Castle Of Shikigami 2: War Of The Worlds


    Now available on PSN, Castle of Shikigami II is an epic side–scrolling shooter with a difference, featuring a number of powers that opened up a wealth of gameplay possibilities. It was this difference that has given the game its global cult status. System 3 stepped up to the plate to bring the game to these shores and it remains one of the best the genre has to offer.

    Grooverider: Slot Car Racing


    Modern day racing meets old-school slot car driving in this fantastic, high-voltage PS2 game. The title was rammed with great features, with five environments, 360 degree loops, 20 different slot cars, traps, weapons and power-ups. It even allowed for two players to go head-to-head in various modes. Another System 3 classic which is now available on PSN.


    1945: I+II The Arcade Games


    Now available on PSN, 1945 delivers not one but two amazing coin-op arcade shooters in one package. Join a taskforce of elite pilots whose mission is to remove the threat of a terrorist group set on taking over the world. Jump into the cockpits of a vast array of fighters, ranging from nimble jets to Pancake stealth fighters as you annihilate the devastating threat at 30,000ft!

    Chess Challenger


    This Chess game was based on the strongest chess engine currently on a games console, with levels of A.I. that will challenge players from novice to expert ability.


    Super Fruitfall


    Now available on PSN:  As with all the best puzzle games, Super Fruitfall is a simple concept to understand but with enormous depth and remains an incredibly addictive experience today. The objective of the game is to make fruit disappear by moving them around a grid until they are grouped together. The title was the very first truly great puzzle game released for Nintendo Wii.

    Video Poker & Blackjack


    Video Poker is the most popular game in casinos. Now on PSN, this game combines the excitement of Slot Machines with the skill of playing Poker. This is the most realistic simulation of the casino games of Video Poker & Blackjack available.



    Trigger Man puts you in the shoes of the Underworld’s toughest Mob enforcer. To survive all you’ll have are your wits, muscle and street-smarts.

    Eight challenging missions in which to destroy the operations and soldiers of the rival families. Hunt out your opponents in realistic locations including deserted loading docks, fine restaurants and a casino.

    Strike Force Bowling


    Now on PSN, Strike Force Bowling takes the game of Ten Pin Bowling to new heights.

    Featuring many different Play Modes; including Practice, Challenge, Open, Skins, Golf and the demanding Tournament mode as well as multiple players allowing you to play against up to four human or computer controlled players in one game.

  • Putty Squad

    PS Vita, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, Windows 8

    This classic platformer received scores of 96 per cent plus in the 1990s, but it was never actually released on Amiga. Now it is finally due to arrive on numerous Nintendo, PlayStation & Microsoft formats this summer.

    Absolute SuperCars

    PS3 & PSN

    Building on the critically acclaimed Ferrari Challenge racing simulation engine, Absolute Supercars heralds the addition of the sexiest supercars on the planet while improving on its spiritual prequel in every way.

    Crisis Beat


    Now available on PSN, the nautical thriller CRISIS BEAT thrusts you into the middle of a terrorist hijacking on the high seas! Save the day by using your fighting skills and the objects around you to fight your way through the levels of the ship and defeat the enemy.

    CRISIS BEAT is the ultimate 3D roaming action game for one or two players!

    Motorsiege: Warriors Of Primetime


    Now available on PSN, Motorsiege is a futuristic 3D car combat title (with cannons, lasers, missiles, mines and more) presented as a non-stop action TV sports show. According to the critics, the title was the best in its genre – even surpassing its big-name rival, Twisted Metal, in terms of quality. And all for a fraction of the price.

    Gottlieb Pinball Classics


    Now available on PSN, one of the most authentic pinball simulators ever created, Gottlieb Pinball Classics features 11 Gottlieb pinball tables, with accurate mechanics, graphics and sounds. Four-player multiplayer and six camera angles were also available.


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    Putty Squad (The Original)


    The Amiga versiopn of Super Putty was bundled with the Commodore Amiga.