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Putty available now on PSN for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4!


London, United Kingdom – April 17, 2014: System 3, the UK’s most successful independent publisher, is delighted to announce Putty Squad is now available digitally in a cross-buy promotion for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 for a limited time this Easter.

Available at one great price, Putty Squad can now be bought online at the Official PlayStation store for £19.99 (€24.99), with immediate access to both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions. Putty Squad will also be available at retail for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS in early May.

Putty Squad’s Vita and PS4 release sees the unlikeliest of heroes, Putty, ready to morph to levels greater than ever before with complete graphical overhaul. Every background, bitmap, enemy and ally has been redrawn and re-rendered to take advantage of the Vita’s gorgeous display, re-mastered from the PS4 base assets.

“As the festive season approaches, we thought there’s no better way than to release Putty Squad on both PlayStation Vita and 4 than as a cross-buy promotion,” said Mark Cale, CEO, System 3. “Gamers will now be able to receive both formats at one affordable price, giving players the option of playing as Putty in the comfort of their home or on the go, as another in a long line of brilliant PS Vita games.”

Putty Squad has been given a complete overhaul in graphics to deliver a modern, immersive experience. Gameplay has been finely tuned to offer an accessible platform game for all fans, and downloadable free levels will be made available for a year after launch. As Putty you can punch, inflate, morph, stretch, lie flat and absorb on his journey through a host of different levels.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the PlayStation® Network Store and download a slice of Retro-Gaming genius!

  • System 3 wrote on 1 May 2014 at 11:09

    Don’t worry – we have the Vita stock in the warehouse and are shipping it out to the various stores. It should be available in all stores by 16th May.

  • Peter W wrote on 1 May 2014 at 11:05

    What’s happened to the Vita Uk physical release? New release date of December 2014? Please say it ain’t so! 🙁

  • System 3 wrote on 22 April 2014 at 08:22

    Stocks in the UK are being received on 24/4/14 and therefore it will be in the shops shortly thereafter. Thanks.

  • Bob wrote on 20 April 2014 at 08:08

    Is the Vita version ever going to get a physical release in the UK? The release date keeps slipping, but I’ve now seen that it’s available in the US. I really want a physical cart! Thanks. 🙂

  • System 3 wrote on 17 April 2014 at 05:23

    Putty available now on PSN for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4!

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