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System 3 is delighted to announce the launch of PUTTY SQUAD (3DS) on the Nintendo eShop – April 17th 2014!


Putty Squad can be bought digitally for Nintendo 3DS at £17.99, providing excellent 3D visuals as Putty ventures through beautiful vistas, leaving players immersed throughout Putty’s journey.

Putty Squad features lovingly created levels that will test your timing, skill and imagination in a charming and incredibly addictive adventure.

“Today sees the unlikeliest of heroes, Putty unleashed on the Nintendo 3DS, available now to buy online, Putty Squad on the 3DS provides players with the chance to play on the go, with all the fun Putty offers in the palm of your hands, supported by colourful and immersive 3D graphics.”

Putty Squad has been given a complete overhaul in graphics to deliver a modern, immersive experience. Gameplay has been finely tuned to offer an accessible platform game for all fans, and downloadable free levels will be made available for a year after launch. As Putty you can punch, inflate, morph, stretch, lie flat and absorb on his journey through a host of different levels.

Putty Squad is also the perfect handheld companion, offering up a huge adventure split up into perfect journey-sized chunks.

Click below to view the ‘stretch-tastic‘ Putty Squad launch trailer:

Below you will find more information of Putty Squad 3DS’s many features:

COMPLETE GRAPHICAL OVERHAUL: A gorgeous graphical style that combines the original designs of Phillip Thornton with the fidelity and resolution afforded by the 3DS’s super-sharp display. Every element of the game has been redrawn and re-rendered.

FINE TUNED GAMEPLAY: The original team of Mark Cale and John Twiddy have spent months tuning, retuning and fine tuning the gameplay so that not only stands up to the test of time but also sets a benchmark for this style of gamplay.

Also, unlock new levels using the UNIQUE Sticker Book, you collect ‘stickers’ from hidden levels.

NEW ARTWORK: Along with the redrawn world comes brand new artwork, which has never been seen before. This brand new artwork, designed by original designer Phillip Thornton, can be seen in various places including as intros to each level.

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