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Super Putty Squad Available on: Nintendo Switch

…with Super Putty Squad on Nintendo Switch!

Cited by many gaming publications as one of the best games of its time, Putty Squad follows the story of unlikely hero Putty in an old-skool platform-adventuring quest for his kidnapped friends. With reviews such as “this game is fantastic – 94%” (CU Amiga), “quite simply the best – 91%” (Amiga Power) and “just about perfect – 90%” (Amiga Format), there can be no doubting this game’s proven pedigree.

Check out the new Super Putty Squad trailer below:

System 3 is proud to announce the return of one of gaming’s most loved mascots: Putty!

The Nintendo Switch version of the game takes things further than ever before with a complete graphical overhaul.
Every background, bitmap, enemy and ally has been redrawn and re-rendered to take advantage of the Switch’s gorgeous display.

Super Putty Squad stands out by offering jaw-droppingly beautiful 2D vistas married with tried, tested and improved upon platform-adventure gameplay that has stood the test of time and come out fighting.

Super Putty Squad is also the perfect handheld companion, offering up a huge adventure split up into perfect journey-sized chunks. On return to home -base, attach the Switch to your television and marvel at the beautiful rendered graphics full screen!

Below you will find more information on Super Putty Squad many features:

A gorgeous graphical style that combines the original designs of Phillip Thornton with the fidelity and resolution afforded by the SWITCH’s cutting edge display. Every element of the game has been redrawn and re-rendered.

The original team of Mark Cale and John Twiddy have spent months tuning, retuning and fine tuning the gameplay so that not only stands up to the test of time but also sets a benchmark for this style of gamplay. Most of these games are similar to free online slot machine games where you can play the free slots through this slotmachine website.

Also, unlock new levels using the UNIQUE Sticker Book, you collect ‘stickers’ to help reveal hidden levels.


  • One of retro gaming’s most-loved heroes returns!
  • Critically acclaimed platform-adventure!
  • Graphical overhaul for SWITCH!
  • Plays even better now than it did originally!

Release date:
November 2017
Age Rating:
Available on
Nintendo Switch

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    Available on
    Nintendo Switch
    Available on
    Nintendo Switch
    Available on
    Nintendo Switch