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Stern Pinball Arcade Available on: Nintendo Switch

System 3 is delighted to
announce the release of Stern Pinball Arcade on Nintendo Switch!

Stern Pinball Arcade on Nintendo Switch recreates right down to the last detail, a selection of the greatest Stern Inc pinball machines, featuring 11 amazing licensed tables.

Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display animation has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail using actual physical meshes, hi-res-textures & code supplied by Stern Inc.

Check out a selection of the superb Stern tables in the trailer below:

With great reviews such as:

” Stern Pinball Arcade is a great looking, authentic-sounding, highly realistic simulation “  – (USGamer)

“ Stern Pinball Arcade contains a good amount of excellent pinball action ” (HardcoreGamer)


Table bio’s for each of the iconic tables featured.

Star Trek Premium™ (2013): is another outstanding game from designer, Steve Ritchie. Based on the new series of Star Trek films, players take on the role of Captain Kirk commanding the USS Enterprise in a fight to save the Federation. The game features easy-to-follow rules for novice players an incredible level of depth for experts, with 18 missions to play and 5 multi-ball modes, including three Captain’s Chair wizard modes! The play-field features spectacular lighting with over 60 tri-colour LEDs, including seven Star Trek shield emblem inserts, colour coded to indicate the primary targets in each of the mission modes. Other notable features include the Warp Core Resonator shaker motor, USS Vengeance Disintegrator Super-Speed ball kicker and custom moulded models of the USS Enterprise, USS Vengeance and two asteroids with LED flashers.


Phantom of the Opera™ (1990): This table is based on the classic novel from Gaston Leroux, published in 1911. Designed by Joe Kaminkow and Ed Cebula, this game makes excellent use of its license with outstanding audio effects and imagery that tells the story of the Phantom. The play-field features incredible artwork by world-renowned artist, Paul Faris with images of many of the characters from the novel, including the Phantom and Christine Dae. Other notable features are the Catwalk Ramp, Magic Mirror, Trap Door and an Organ that opens for Multi-Ball. The Phantom can even be unmasked and his true face revealed on the back glass! 2,750 units of this table were produced.


Mustang ‘Boss’ Premium™(2014): celebrates 50 years of one of the most iconic muscle cars ever made, the Ford Mustang™. Players are challenged to race a variety of Mustangs against an array of colourful characters in eight different racing scenarios including drag racing, drifting and road racing. This is a fast playing table with clear shot goals and excellent multi-ball modes. The gorgeous play-field features twin stacked ramps, full spectrum colour LEDs, a show car on a turntable and artwork by famed Ford GT car artist and designer Camilo Pardo. Actual Mustang engine sounds, narration by professional race car driver and TV host, Tanner Foust and an awesome soundtrack featuring eight generational cruising tunes makes this table a fitting tribute to an American classic!

AC/DC™ (2012): perfectly captures the head banging vibe of one of the most legendary rock bands in the world, AC/DC. Designed by Steve Ritchie, the gameplay centres around 12 unique song modes based on the band’s biggest hits, including Back in Black, Thunderstruck and Highway to Hell. Complete them all to play the spectacular Encore wizard mode. Tour, Album and Jam Multi-Ball modes can be played separately or combined for huge scoring! The play-field is packed full of features including the Hell’s Bell swinging newton ball pendulum, a moulded Rock ‘n Roll train, the Underworld lower mini-playfield, a TNT Detonator, a moving band members diorama and a rotating ball cannon.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein™ (1995): is a deep and atmospheric table designed by John Borg. This Sega produced table, released in 1995, features interesting modal gameplay, spectacular music and a fully animated Frankenstein Monster that actually throws the balls across the play-field during multi-ball. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein™ was also one of the only pinball tables to use an oversized 192×64 pixel DMD. 3000 units of this table were produced.


High Roller Casino™ (2001): puts players in the role of a high stakes gambler with money to burn. Conceptualised by Jon Norris and designed by Keith P. Johnson, this awesome game from Stern® allows players to experience all of the glamour of a real Las Vegas casino! Featuring gorgeous graphics and spectacular audio effects, this table has a deep rule set with four different 4-Ball Multi-Ball modes and six of the most popular casino games played in real casinos. These games include Blackjack, Poker, Hi-Lo and Craps. The Play-field even includes a functioning Roulette Wheel and Slot Machine! Be a winner with…High Roller Casino! Approximately 1,200 units of this table were produced.


Starship Troopers™ (1997): features the license for the popular film of the same name released in 1997. Designed by Joe Balcer and Joe Kaminkow, this table conveys the style and feel of the movie with its vibrantly coloured play-field, music from the movie and custom speech. The gameplay features hard core Sci-Fi action with three Flippers, high scoring Nuke ’em rounds, four unique Multi-Ball modes, a moving Warrior Bug live fire battle simulator and a Brain Bug that pops out of the play-field! Starship Troopers has appropriately been described as easy to play but hard to master.


Harley Davidson®/Third Edition (1999): Designed by industry veterans, Lonnie D. Ropp and John Borg, this table grabs your attention with its chrome trim, classic rock n’ roll soundtrack and loud shaker motor that simulates the roar of a real Harley motor. The play-field features a player controlled up-post between the flippers and a 1/10 scale model of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® that does a wheelie to reveal a ball lock below it. This table was among the first to use three Multi-Ball modes: Speedometer Multi-Ball, Stop Light Multi-Ball and Harley Multi-Ball.

GhostBusters® Premium (2016):  highlights the humour of the original Ghostbusters film released in 1984. It was designed by John Trudeau to be easy to play but difficult to master. The distinctive play-field features beautiful and unique hand drawn art by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti. It integrates traditional pinball devices with unique multifunction two-way ramps featuring a magnetic diverter and scoring switches. In addition, the game features a modern take on a ball transfer target, combative open field drop targets, a ball eject target, a captive ball target and custom moulded toys. This table also features an interactive ghost hologram target with animations, \”para-normal\” magnetic action slingshots, distinctive ramp architecture and additional custom moulded toys.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!  (2004): This is possibly the most complex table to come from legendary pinball designer Pat Lawlor (who also created Funhouse and Addams Family). It allows players to travel with Robert Ripley across seven continents to discover the strange, the bizarre, and the unusual! The goal was to make a pinball machine that appeals to the casual player as well as the expert, which is accomplished through a special feature aptly entitled \”Believe it or Not.\” This multi-level rule enables the beginning player to achieve some of the game’s goals early on and earn frequent multi-ball modes, while allowing the more advanced player to extend their opportunities through better play.

Last Action Hero™ (1993): This action-packed pinball powerhouse harbours the license for the summer blockbuster hit movie of the same name. The table’s feature filled design was created by Tim Seckel, Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula, and John Borg. This game completely captures the intensity, comedic tones, and cast of characters from the film. Notable play-field sections include the motorised Super Crane™, game controlled magnets which activate during multi-ball events, the Ripper lane which accelerates a shot ball on returns, and the Smart Missile button above the slick black coloured gun-shaped launcher. 5,505 units of this table were produced.

  • ROM’s created from the latest Stern code: Physical meshes, and Hi-Res textures provided by Stern Pinball Inc. help provide 100% accurate gameplay & graphics of the real Stern pinball machines!
  • Table Goals: Accomplishments help serious players learn & master each table.
  • Table Instructions: Detailed tutorials of each table guide you towards the ultimate accolade – The Pinball Wizard!
  • Stern Challenge: Master the tables and challenge yourself to hit a target score on each  of the tables to earn enough Challenge Points to complete the Stern Pinball Arcade gauntlet.
  • Physics: Unrivalled and critically acclaimed physics allow for the most realistic pinball simulation ever created!
  • 3D Arcade: A virtual arcade of pinball tables, neon lighting, novelty props and original works of art created by ‘Dirty Donny’ house this great collection.

Release date:
November 2017
Age Rating:
Available on
Nintendo Switch

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