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Rally Racers Available on: Nintendo Switch

Ladies & Gentlemen…& Droog,
Start your engines!

Rally Racers is a crazy cartoon based family fun car racing game starring our unlikely hero ‘Wacky Racer Rees’!

With  help from his group of pals, Battle, Bash, Crash & Stash to the finish against Rees’ evil brother ‘Droog’ and his band of henchmen, who’ll be doing ALL they can to take you out of the game!

Check out Rally Racers in the new ‘full throttle’ trailer below:

Bash and battle to racing glory, pick up special weapons and boosts, recruit race mates from the opposition team and complete stunts and challenges to be first over the finish line. It’s a race of good versus evil, beating the bad guys before they beat you!

It’s high-speed hijinks at its very best! One tip, hone racing skills and tricks of the trade in the tutorial first before getting on with the numerous challenges of each track.

Find and collect secret hidden fruit, upgrade cars, perform point-scoring stunts, shoot the bad guys, choose in-game partners based on their specific skill sets, turn the bad guys good and complete action packed challenges in each level to win.

There are seven different racing worlds to conquer, each stacked with its own unique tracks and challenges. Win the gold cups at the end of each one, collecting them all to qualify for a car upgrade.

The better you are…the better your car!

The first challenge is to hit the Driving School and learn to drive! Don’t worry, it won’t take long to learn the basic skills of controlling the car and how to perform basic stunts and how to pick up weapons & boosters.

Then it’s time to strap yourself in and drive headlong into the game! This is where the fun really begins…collect all the oranges, perform mad stunts and generally blow your opponents into the weeds…literally! Have you got what it takes?

Who will be first to collect all of the hidden fruits to get your partners back on side? But more importantly…

Who will be first to collect all the Gold Cups
and reach the end of the Quest?

Can you step up to the plate and defeat the evil ‘Droog’?

Available from the Nintendo eShop…NOW!

  • Great Race Mates!: Recruit team mates to help you on your way to Glory…but watch your back, your team mates can easily turn to the dark side!
  • Gold Cup Rewards: Collect all the Gold Cups to qualify for Bigger & Badder cars!
  • Seven Wacky Worlds!: Battle, bash, crash & stash your way through seven wacky worlds to claim the ultimate prize!

Release date:
18th January 2018
Party Games
Age Rating:
Available on
Nintendo Switch

Available on
Nintendo Switch
Available on
Nintendo Switch
Available on
Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PC / Mac OS