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Pure Pool

Pure Pool has arrived on the PS4!



Transport yourself to the slick and exhilarating world of Pure Pool.

Experience a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall from the convenience of your own home and indulge spectacular visuals and signature, super-smooth gameplay.

Whether you’re planning to weigh up the competition and hone your skills or rack-up and compete against the best, Pure Pool is the closest you’ll get to the real thing, without leaving your living room.

Connect. Spectate. Compete.

Pure Pool uses a unique “D.N.A.-profiling” system that learns the play-style of your friends or foes! So when they are not available to play, you can still take them on!Pure Pool’s fine-tuned physics engine delivers super-smooth gameplay, revel in the Photo-realistic graphics and ultra detailed environments, soak up the sounds of the bustling pool hall for an immersive Pool experience…The most authentic Pool experience players can get outside of real life!

View the cool Pure Pool launch trailer below:

What the reviewers had to say about PURE POOL:
“Incredible”  – (Operation Sports GRADE A-)
“Pure Pool is not just a name, it’s a description of what may be the most accurate and polished pool simulation ever created.” – (Gaming-Age 91%)
  • 5 Fantastic Game Modes: Killer, American 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Blackball & Accumulator!
  • ‘DNA Profile” – creates a unique player AI interpretation
  •  Online Global leader-boards Accolades & Trophies
  •  Online Multi-player

Release date:
March 2015
Age Rating:

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