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Powerplay Pool Available on: DS

Powerplay Pool, in FULL 3D. Unique table physics provide the ‘real feel’; you will soon be doing Rail Shots, Doubles, Cannons and other Trick Shots just like a pro.

Play in different modes,League, Tournament or Quick Play against 15 computer opponents of varying skill and in the four classic pool styles: English 8-ball, US 8-ball, US 9-ball, and the thrilling Killer Pool.

Play your friends with the fully supported wireless multi-card play feature.

  • Innovative touch-screen controls deliver unrivaled pick-up-and-play gameplay. Choose your position on the table with a quick touch of the screen before taking a shot with the flick of your wrist. It really couldn’t be any simpler!
  • 4 different types of pool on offer. Whether you go for English 8-Ball, US 8-Ball, US 9-Ball or are feeling a little bit crazy (in which case you should
  • go for Killer Pool), there’s a mode here to suit any pool player’s fancy.
  • Convincingly realistic table/ball physics and great 3D graphics! The limitations of the DS hardware mean it’s tough to get convincing physics up and running but PowerPlay Pool is one of the few games that manages it.

Release date:
14 August 2009
Party Games
Age Rating:
USK All Ages
Available on

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