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Pinball Arcade

System 3 is proud to announce the release of Pinball Arcade!

Pinball Arcade on PlayStation®4 recreates the greatest pinball machines of all time, featuring 22 licensed tables from Bally®, Williams®, Stern® and Gottlieb®. Everything from classic electro-mechanical tables to the greatest tables of the 90’s and beyond!

Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display animation has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail!

Expandable with regular updates via PSN® to add additional tables as well as Online Tournaments to challenge yourself and compete against your friends!

View the fantastic Pinball Arcade trailer below:

With great reviews such as:

“…the best video pinball game around – 100%”  – (

“…looks downright stunning – 9/10” (

“…arguably the best pinball game ever – 9/10” – (

…there can be no doubting this game’s proven pedigree!

There are 22…Yes, you read that right…22 of the greatest pinball tables ever released, featured in Pinball Arcade on the PS4!


Check out a slice of history for each of the iconic tables featured…

Cirqus Voltaire™ (1997): The table features the first ever dot matrix display mounted in the playfield and a cannon- firing back box.  Rising and disappearing below the playfield are a jet bumper and a wise-cracking Ringmaster that taunts the player throughout various modes.

Attack From Mars™ (1995): With its open playfield and easy to understand rules, this table is a blast to play.  Features include a moving flying saucer in the middle of the playfield, dancing Martians and a functioning strobe light.

Medieval Madness™ (1997): Incorporating some wonderful humour within the game theme and overall game play, there’s something for everyone with a playfield that features damsels needing to be rescued from a dragon, peasants revolting, catapults to be launched to storm a fully animated castle that quivers and shakes once the drawbridge has been lowered. Add to this trolls that pop up from under the playfield and able assists from Merlin’s magic, this is one pinball table fit for a king (or even a queen).

Ripleys Believe it or Not® (2004): The goal was to make a pinball machine that appeals to the casual player as well as the expert, which is accomplished through a special feature aptly entitled “Believe it or Not.” This multi-level rule enables the beginning player to achieve some of the game’s goals early on and earn frequent multi-ball modes, while allowing the more advanced player to extend their opportunities through better play.

The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot™ (1991): From the opening skill shot the quest is to bring the Bride to life with a sequence of shots up the Shuttle Ramp to first give her speech, then sight, and a dazzling, heart beating grand finale with the chance to join the Billionaire’s Club – the largest single scoring feature in pinball history.

Scared Stiff™ (1996):  is another amazing game featuring Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. It was designed by Mark Weyna and Dennis Nordman, who also designed Elvira and the Party Monsters™. The game features clearly defined goals as players are challenged with completing the six Tales of Terror in order to activate the Stiff-O-Meter. The ultimate goal is to rise to the level of Scared Stiff. A unique feature on this table is an industry-first, interactive 3-D backglass allowing players to choose rewards by stopping a spinning spider on the backglass.

No Good Gofers™ (1997): is another fabulous design by Pat Lawlor, designer of The Addams Family®, Twilight Zone®, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not!®. This table features many challenging modes for players as they attempt to complete rounds of golf. Unique features include two extremely rude gofers named Buzz and Bud who comment on the action and the Slam Ramp™, which allows players to launch balls at the upper playfield into a very small hole. This ‘Hole-in-One’ shot is often referred to as one of the greatest shots in pinball history.

Elvira and the Party Monsters™ (1989): was designed by noted industry veteran Dennis Nordman. He’s the mind behind other great games such as Scared Stiff™, White Water™ and Dr. Dude!™ During the final stages of production, Dennis was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, so Steve and Mark Ritchie along with Jim Patla stepped in to help get the game into production. The game features an exciting Multi-Ball mode, a pair of dancing ‘Boogie Men’, Jumper Bumpers that jump up and down on the playfield and of course Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Tales of the Arabian Nights® (1996): The setting is ancient Baghdad where wishes can be granted in the ultimate battle to rescue the Princess from the clutches of an evil Genie who taunts all foes. There are jewels to be collected and a playfield that will have players spinning Aladdins Lamp, flying on Magic Carpet ramps or visiting the Bazaar for countless awards. With a deep set of rules, beautiful artwork, engaging voice over, and excellent sound effects, this is one of the most popular and highest rated tables of all time.

Black Hole™ (1981): This was the first table to feature the revolutionary lower-reversed playing surface. However, its biggest claim to fame is that it was the first accepted table that cost 50 cents to play, which quickly made it the highest earning pin game in the history of the industry. With its fast paced gameplay and unique feature set, this table is considered a classic that was ahead of its time.

Twilight Zone™ (1993): is based on the TV series of the same name and is arguably the most popular and complex pinball machine ever made. After the commercial success of The Addams Family®, Pat Lawlor was given free rein to create this brilliantly designed table. When it was released, Twilight Zone had more features with patents pending than any other game in history. Among its notable features is a fully functional gumball machine, an analog clock that functions as a timer in various modes, industry first MagnaFlip™ magnetic flippers and a unique ceramic pinball called the Powerball.

Funhouse™ (1990): Rudy is the star of this table!  His talking animatronic head responds in real-time to game events.  This includes taunting the player and following the ball with his eyes.  Rudy even gives each player a nickname such as “Chucky”, “Spunky”, “Bucko”, and “Slick” for the duration of the game.  The player’s primary goal is to advance the clock to midnight so that Rudy falls asleep.  While Rudy snores, shooting a ball into his open mouth starts 3-ball multi-ball and the potential for million-plus scoring.

Harley-Davidson® / Third Edition (1999): Designed by industry veterans, Lonnie D. Ropp and John Borg, this table grabs your attention with its chrome trim, classic rock n’ roll soundtrack and loud shaker motor that simulates the roar of a real Harley motor. The playfield features a player controlled up-post between the flippers and a 1/10 scale model of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® that does a wheelie to reveal a ball lock below it. This table was among the first to use three Multi-Ball modes: Speedometer Multi-Ball, Stop Light Multi-Ball and Harley Multi-Ball.

Taxi™ (1988): Players are given the role of being a taxi driver who must pick up a crazy cast of characters including former USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev (Gorbie), Santa Claus, Dracula, Lola, and Pin*Bot™. In addition to its fun theme and clearly presented objectives, the game features non-stop action, a taxi meter, fast figure-eight ramps and an exciting Spinout skill shot.

Star Trek: The Next Generation™ (1993): Features include eight different U.S.S Enterprise missions, many Multi-Ball Modes, Holodeck Video Modes and opportunities to advance in rank. One unique feature is a patented, below the playfield multiple ball delivery system, which results in continuous gameplay when balls on the playfield fall into a cellar hole.

Gorgar™ (1979): was designed by Barry Oursler, a legendary designer who helped create many classics over two decades. His credits include: Pin•Bot, Cyclone, Comet, Space Shuttle, and Jungle Lord to name just a few. Gorgar was the very first talking pinball machine. With a vocabulary of seven words (Gorgar, Speaks, Beat, Me, You, Hurt, and Got), Gorgar is able to say phrases such as Gorgar speaks, Me Gorgar, beat me, and You hurt Gorgar. It has a magnetic Snake Pit that holds your ball captive as he thunders, Me got you. The audio also features a heartbeat sound that races faster and faster as the action of the gameplay builds up when the player is doing well.

Black Knight™ (1980): This table was the first ever to introduce a split-level playfield, with three ramps leading to and from the upper playfield. This classic also featured the first ever Magna-Save™: a magnet that allowed users to push a button which saves a ball from draining down the outlane.

Big Shot™ (1974): This table is the two player version of the 1973 table Hot Shot. This pool themed game is very popular among expert players and collectors because of the skill required to hit the 14 drop targets. There were only 2900 units manufactured despite the fact that the gameplay is now considered classic.

Monster Bash™ (1998):  The goal of the table is to get six of the most iconic Universal Studios Monsters® to form a band the likes of which has never been seen! If you can dig out the Mummy, he’ll dust himself off and plug in his bass. Dracula will fly out of his coffin, dying to sink his teeth into a mean guitar riff. The Creature from the Black Lagoon will crank on his sax! Frankenstein will jump off his slab and jam on his keyboard. The Bride of Frankenstein will start to sing about her Ball and Chain and the Wolfman will give you a howling drumbeat. With the help of the PHANTOM FLIP auto-play feature, you can let go of the flippers and watch the game complete your shots.

Theatre of Magic® (1995):  With a dazzling array of unique features, players will discover the wonders of The Magicians Trunk where balls can levitate and disappear, the powers of The Spirit Ring, a mysterious trap door leading to a haunted basement offering a host of surprises, and an amazing mirror that seems to be an impossible extension of the playfield in a quest to master 8 different mesmerizing illusions.

Creature from the Black Lagoon® (1992): “Creature” combines the excitement of watching a famous Universal® monster flick with the fun of a drive-in movie date. The player has to save their date from the Creature and is rewarded by seeing the world’s first ever pinball hologram! This classic table also features story and dialogue from the movie.

Genie™ (1979): Considered by many to be the best wide-body table of its era and possibly of all-time, a true Gottlieb® classic that is very addictive.  This table was designed with well thought-out objectives and features five flippers. Two flippers in the upper left corner create a mini playfield. 6,800 units of this table were produced.



  • 22 all-time classic licensed tables from Bally®, Williams®, Stern® and Gottlieb®.!
  • Challenge Pack included!
  • Additional tables available through PSN!

Release date:
21st February 2014
Age Rating:

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