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Motorsiege: Warriors Of Primetime Available on: PS2

Available from PlayStation Store

Control highly customisable futuristic vehicles in order to battle against other warrior drivers in deadly and hazardous environments.

The super-fast pace of the game combined with highly intelligent opponents and a wide variety of play modes will challenge you to the max!

Start off as a rookie and get to grips with your personalised ‘skimmer’. Make your way through tournaments of utter carnage in order to earn the big bucks and upgrade the weapons on your death machine!

  • Fast-paced, adrenalin-pumping vehicle battles!
  • Multiple play modes such as Deathmatch!
  • Upgradable vehicles!
  • 2-player battles!

Release date:
6 January 2003
Shoot Em Up
Age Rating:
Available on

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    Available on
    PS2 / GBA
    Available on
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