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Fuzzball Available on: Amiga

Fuzzball is a crazy puzzle game in which you’ll be surrounded by fuzzy creatures!

Fuzzballs are quite cute when they’re contained… once they escape, however, it’s a very different story.

And that’s just what happens when a young wizard’s apprentice inadvertently lets hundreds of the little critters loose in the wizard’s castle! In the process the apprentice manages to turn himself into a Fuzzball too, but before the wizard will transform him back he must rid the castle of the fluffy intruders!

Cue over 50 levels in which you have to collect all the treasures, kill all the enemies and figure out how to complete each level!

What the press had to say:

AMIGA ACTION – 91% – Super League Accolade “Brilliant fun that will last you for AGES!”

AMIGA COMPUTING -86% “The playablity is superb…”

  • Addictive puzzle game
  • Play through as a fellow Fuzzball
  • Over 50 levels to play

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    Available on
    Available on
    Amiga / C64 / Amstrad CPC
    Available on
    Amiga / C64