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Elf Available on: GBA

Elf: The Movie

You could say Buddy stands out from the crowd at the North Pole Toy Factory.

When he was a very small boy he stowed away one Christmas night in Santa’s bag. When Santa returned home Buddy was discovered by Santa’s helpers and raised as an elf. After 30 years, he just doesn’t seem to fit in anymore. It’s time for Buddy to journey to New York and find his real father, but the big city is just not prepared for the fun and mayhem that follows Buddy as he finds his way around.

You take the role of Buddy the elf and try to bring Christmas cheer to everyone!

But as a six foot five inch elf you don’t exactly blend in and things are not as easy as they were at the North Pole. You will have to brave icebergs, navigate through city traffic, have snowball fights – and that’s just to get you warmed up!

  • Relive the popular Elf Movie storyline controlling Buddy during his biggest adventure.
  • 10 action packed missions capture memorable moments of the movie.
  • Elf-themed mini games like Cobbler’s Workshop and Snowman Building challenge you to have fun!

Release date:
February 2005
Age Rating:
Available on

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    Available on
    Available on
    GBA / PS2 / DS / PS1