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Constructor Plus Available on: Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / PC / Mac OS

Constructor Plus is out
on STEAM (PC) now!

Constructor Plus has a multitude of new changes and additions, including a whole host of cool new buildings & all new graphical environments!

Building just got Bigger!


Take on the role of a budding property developer and build yourself up from minor-league housing crook to interplanetary property tycoon, wheeling, dealing and thieving all the way to the top.

Getting to number one is easy if you know how – it just might
not be legal!

Build your power base here on Earth then reach for the stars.
Constructor Plus will take you out of this World!

CLICK HERE to head over to the STEAM STORE to find out more!


Remember…think BIG! Start off your property empire with the humble Trailer, packed to the gunnels with Slobs and Greasers paying rent and popping out new tenants for you, carefully working your way up (alternatively you can always employ arson, thievery & thinly veiled violence!) to a gleaming row of Modernist Mansions catering for the cream of society in no time at all.

Sure…a little blood may be spilt along the way, a few noses ‘put out of joint’,
but who said progress wasn’t painful?

Strain your neck muscles and look to the sky…What?…Can’t see the sky as it’s now
blocked by huge new buildings?

Trump Tower?…Pah! The new skyscrapers in Constructor Plus knock that gaudy old pile into a cocked hat!

If that’s not enough, many new levels in Constructor Plus take you to another World…literally!
Mars, Uranus & AlphaLunar 1999 to be precise!

Constructor Plus really is out of this World!


Click HERE to head over to our new ‘Constructor Central’
YouTube Channel.


  • Huge array of new buildings! From the lowly Trailer to massive, shiny Skyscrapers.
  • All new missions and pre-built cityscapes structured get you playing the game better & badder than ever!
  • Numerous new graphical environments including the spectacular Outer Space Worlds!
  • Re-balanced gameplay to enhance the ‘Constructor’ gaming experience.
  • Massive, in-depth playable tutorial mode for instant pick up and play.

Release date:
Out Now
Real-Time Strategy
Age Rating:
Available on
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Mac OS

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    Available on
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    Available on
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    Available on
    PC / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / Mac OS