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Serve up something sweet this Christmas with FruitFall Crush on Nintendo Switch!

Tastier than a mince pie and far more addictive, System 3’s compelling puzzle game FruitFall Crush is
AVAILABLE NOW to download from the Nintendo e-shop for only £4.99

Easy to play but a nightmare to put down FruitFall Crush is a digital delight featuring all the traditional and popular puzzle game elements needed to keep you coming back for more… and more!

On the train, on the bus, on the move or on the sofa, pick up FruitFall Crush for a quick fix or marathon match with a mate. Its unique split screen 2-player mode sets it apart, delivering family fun and friendly rivalry by the fruit-basketful!

You must make all the fruit disappear by moving it around the screen, rotating grids to group the same fruit together in rows of three or more, above, left or to the right of each other. Spectacular bonuses clear the board ready to reset and reload the next level. It gets tougher and tougher as you go along, continually testing speed of thought and coordination. Additional bonuses are awarded if more than one group disappears at a time.

Sound easy? Good luck with that!

Games this addictive and easy to play don’t grow on trees!

FRUITFALL CRUSH on Nintendo Switch from System 3

Download NOW from the Nintendo E-shop.

For more screen-shots and game information – click HERE! 

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