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Brand new features announced for the re-imagining of Putty Squad.

The development for Putty Squad has experienced many twists and turns during the process. It started as a standard HD remake for the PS3 but over time it has slowly morphed into a huge project which has resulted in a whole slew of extra goodies.

It’s meant the game has taken a bit longer than we originally planned but the results are all the better for it.

Today we’re pleased to announce a bunch of exciting new additions for the game as well as the news that a free demo is being prepared as we speak!

Using the Vita’s in-built GPS system you’ll be able to collect Putty Squad Stickers. These stickers will appear in your in-game Sticker Album. As you progress and complete pages of the sticker album you’ll be rewarded with Putty Squad bonuses such as free Avatars and eventually, exclusive levels!


There will regular content coming through after the launch of the game. Every two weeks at least one new level will be available to download for free on all console platforms. We will also make avatars and new characters and opponents

Some of the levels in Putty Squad are quite complicated so we’ve added a brand new feature to the game called Map Mode. This enables you to pause the action at any point and zoom into and around a map of the level. Once in Map Mode simply tap once in order to zoom into the map. You can then use your finger to drag and swipe the map in order to explore.
You can also use the map to locate MIAs (missing in action Putty friends) and plan your best route of attack. This whole process is touch-screen controlled.

Full Trophy support has been incorporated into the Vita version so make sure you scan that checklist and complete every little task in order to fill up your trophy cabinet.

An extra section has now been added to the front of the game to help people get to grips with the many different moves and abilities Putty has at his disposal. It also adds an area where you can explore and get to grips with the controls without having to worry about being bombarded with enemies.

Some of the Trophies on offer are earned by achieving certain times in the speed runs. To help with this difficult task we’ve added a CHALLENGE mode where you can scroll through all the levels you’ve unlocked and play them as many times as you like. Not only does this enable you to keep trying for fastest times; it also allows you to play through your favorite levels at your heart’s content and compare your fastest times online. This will in turn release stickers into your sticker book. Collect all stickers on a page and get a new level for free as a download. If however your not able to collect all the stickers or don’t have time to play it all the way through. Don’t worry you can simply buy them as DLC options or get promo codes from your local retailer participating in the promotion.

We already know that some of you have completed the original Putty Squad many times. There are lots of extra bits for you to enjoy in this new version but where the challenge really lies is online. Complete the game and see just how good your score really is compared to everyone else.
You can also use the CHALLENGE mode to set your fastest level times and compare them on the Online Leaderboards too!

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re planning on making a short demo available so you can all sample a few levels of the game for free. We haven’t got an exact date for you just yet but keep an eye on for more info on exactly how you can get your hands on it.

As this amazing classic nears the end of the development period we’ll be releasing screens and videos to show you all the new features.

A final release date for Putty Squad on 3DS, Vita, PS3, 360, PC, MAC, Windows 8 and Wii U will be announced soon.

  • Antony Martinez wrote on 26 June 2013 at 10:54

    I agree Jay, would pay good money too. The original Amiga demo was and still is amazing. I remember playing the demo way back then and looking forward with excitement to playing the full version on my 1200. After almost 20 years it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to play it. I will definitely buy a version for one of the modern platforms, but please please please also release the original Amiga version for us Amiga/retro fans.

  • System 3 wrote on 21 May 2013 at 02:50

    Hi Jay, we hope to soon make an announcement as to what will happen with the original Amiga code which will hopefully keep everyone happy.

  • Jay S. Siegel wrote on 20 May 2013 at 08:26

    I would pay good money to get the abandoned Amiga version onto my Amiga A1200. Please either sell it for the Amiga or release it into the Public Domain!

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