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Season’s Greetings from System 3 to all of the Amiga Community…A Christmas Gift

Finally after over 20 years, we take great pleasure in releasing the original Putty Squad to the Amiga Community.



I am delighted to announce that having worked closely with some of Amiga’s incredibly passionate community, Putty Squad, one of the most memorable platform games of the 90s is finally being released for the Amiga; and it’s available to download now, completely free of charge. Without the help of Phil B-B from the Amiga community, and of course John Twiddy & Phil Thornton, this never would have happened. I would like to thank them all for their hard work.


Originally intended for release in the early 90s, Putty Squad features old-skool gameplay and frenetic action that showcases the creativity the Amiga platform was renowned for, in it’s unique and unaltered glory. While Putty Squad is available for current and next-generation consoles and is a re-imagining of a classic game, The Amiga version released today on Christmas Eve, 2013 is the original code base, making Putty Squad for the Amiga the most authentic Putty experience available.


I would like to thank the Amiga community for its patience, support and passion. We are excited to give the original Amiga Putty Squad away for free, and we hope fans enjoy the original vision of Putty Squad as much as we did creating it all those years ago.


Putty Squad is available for download now, for free, for the Amiga. The download license allows you to play and distribute Putty Squad, as long as it remains free and unaltered.


Happy Christmas everyone and warmest regards,


Mark Cale


System 3


To check out images and movies from the fantastic new versions of Putty Squad…click HERE!


Merry Christmas from all at System 3!


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