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James Pond codename: Robocod Available on: GBA / PS2 / DS / PS1

As you might expect with a name like that, James Pond is a true gaming legend but for his greatest adventure yet he’s been given a modern twist!

You’ll be treated to 100 action-packed levels in which the aquatic super-hero jumps, climbs, squishes, squashes and stretches his way through level after level of some of the best cartoon-style visuals ever seen!

With more puzzles, improved graphics and an enticing gameplay style, James Pond Codename: Robocod is without doubt the most playable scrolling platform game you will ever play.

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USK All Ages
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    Available on
    Available on
    DS / Wii / PSP / PSN / PS2
    Available on
    DS / PSN / PSP / PS2 / Wii